Sometimes she leaves us…

One minute she’s with us and then the next minute she’s gone. All is well when she gets in the car after school. I hand her a snack and she tells us she earned a sticker. We make our way to Target and the mood shifts. I can see the manic look in her eyes and … Continue reading Sometimes she leaves us…


Recent News on Layla

This Friday morning, Layla will have another appointment. It is the opinion of her neurologist, her primary care doctor, her occupational therapist, her teacher, and Kevin & myself, that there is something more going on than her sensory issues. While she has made worlds of progress with self regulating when dealing with sensory stimuli and … Continue reading Recent News on Layla

“Sometimes when you sleep, I watch you dream and I dream, too…”

Layla, When you came to stay, there were these nights. Ones that I tend to forget. Then, these reminiscent moments hit me out of nowhere and I remember every second. Daddy was working a lot of late shifts, not getting home until early morning hours. And it was just me and you, kiddo! We were … Continue reading “Sometimes when you sleep, I watch you dream and I dream, too…”