Christmas Wreaths & Butterflies

We are adjusting well to life in Florida, but I am working on my time management.  My to-do list is longer than there are enough hours in the day for and I am easily overwhelmed, even in a normal routine.  #introvertlife.  Today, knowing it’d be hectic before church tonight, I decided to have a quick … Continue reading Christmas Wreaths & Butterflies


Sunrise, sunset.

There's this memory that keeps replaying in my mind. I don't have much say over when it happens. I'll be working, or cleaning, or driving, and then suddenly I'm re-living this moment for no particular reason except that maybe it's my brain's way of trying to work things out for itself. It was last summer. … Continue reading Sunrise, sunset.

100 Sheep

I've been thinking a lot about the parables Jesus shares in Luke 15.  Even if you aren't much of a Bible reader, even if you just appreciate the Bible as a historical book and nothing more, I think you should give this chapter a quick read.  Especially if you're like me; prone to wander.  Prone … Continue reading 100 Sheep