Sunrise, sunset.

There's this memory that keeps replaying in my mind. I don't have much say over when it happens. I'll be working, or cleaning, or driving, and then suddenly I'm re-living this moment for no particular reason except that maybe it's my brain's way of trying to work things out for itself. It was last summer. … Continue reading Sunrise, sunset.


On this day…

Facebook has the option to look at your memories and see what you posted on this day years before.  It's just the sweetest when you come across a milestone once forgotten or read something funny you posted about your kids.  But recently, the memories have been pretty rough around here.  My sister and I screenshot … Continue reading On this day…

100 Sheep

I've been thinking a lot about the parables Jesus shares in Luke 15.  Even if you aren't much of a Bible reader, even if you just appreciate the Bible as a historical book and nothing more, I think you should give this chapter a quick read.  Especially if you're like me; prone to wander.  Prone … Continue reading 100 Sheep


On November 29, 2017 at 3:52 a.m. Daddy went to be with Jesus.  There are so many stories about this past couple of weeks that prove that God has been with our family every step of the way.  I am full of gratitude, full of hope, and I even feel deep joy.  But I'm also … Continue reading Daddy