My Word for 2019- Morning

For the last few years, instead of a New Year's Resolution, I've chosen a word.  I fail miserably at resolutions, but choosing a word gives me a general focus that I can come back to or be reminded of as the months unfold.  It has been helpful. For 2018 my word was renew.  What an … Continue reading My Word for 2019- Morning


Anticipatory Grief is a Selfish Toddler

When I awoke this morning I had exactly zero desire to talk about hard things.  That's been pretty common lately.  Besides the word vomit my sister and I exchange by phone (how's that for a visual?!), my mouth stays shut.  When someone says, "How are you?"  My response is usually "Good!"  Not because I'm a … Continue reading Anticipatory Grief is a Selfish Toddler