Jordyn’s 8th Birthday Letter

Sweet Jordy, Tomorrow you will wake up and bravely get ready to go to the third grade.  The day after that, you will turn eight.  This will be your first birthday in Florida!  A very quick move, a different theatre for Daddy to run,  a home to get in order, and a new school year … Continue reading Jordyn’s 8th Birthday Letter


Layla’s 10th Birthday Letter

Every year I write a birthday letter to my kiddos so that on their 18th birthday I can compile them all into a book for them to have.  Somehow, some way we've made it to a 10th birthday letter! All. the. tears.  I only have 8 more birthday letters to write for Miss Layla Jean … Continue reading Layla’s 10th Birthday Letter

100 Sheep

I've been thinking a lot about the parables Jesus shares in Luke 15.  Even if you aren't much of a Bible reader, even if you just appreciate the Bible as a historical book and nothing more, I think you should give this chapter a quick read.  Especially if you're like me; prone to wander.  Prone … Continue reading 100 Sheep