Jordyn’s 9th Birthday Letter


Lately Facebook has shown me memories that have gotten me reminiscing about the tinier version of you.  I’ve been able to see birthday weeks from years gone by and have spent so much time thinking about how quickly you have grown.  I was reminded that on your first birthday Aunt Gynny and Uncle Dan drove to Texas and joined our celebration.  I remember that time in our lives so clearly.  I remember the trip they made and the fun we had.  But most of all, my love, I remember you.

One big curl for a ponytail on the tip-top of your head.  Two bottom teeth- the many more waiting to break through causing the sweetest, drooliest, gummiest smile ever.  Cheeks for days.  Scratchy, raspy, high pitched voice that was music to my ears.  I will never forget it.  Now suddenly, you are turning nine and no doubt one day I will look back on these days with fondness, too.

Nine year old you is hilarious.  Your wit is impressive.  Your humor is really the only thing that gets you in trouble from time to time.  But it’s also one of the things I love most about you.  Time and maturity will teach you when it’s most appropriate to joke.  But, in the process, please don’t EVER let time steal your spunk.  It makes you who you are and I wouldn’t have you any other way.

Nine year old you is still full of wonder.  You love imagination and creativity, bright colors and sparkles.  Your deep love for unicorns is still going strong.  I love that you still play and dream and that you find something beautiful wherever you go.  What a gift to be able to do that.

Nine year old you is so incredibly joyful.  The other day your belly laugh stopped me in my tracks.  I looked over at you and told you how much I love your joy.  I told you that I appreciate that even though you’ve been through some hard things, that you still are so happy.  You told me you will always smile no matter what.  And I pray that is your story.  That nothing will steal your joy.  That you will continue to belly laugh so sincerely that it stops people in their tracks.  That kind of joy is contagious.  And the world needs so much more of it.  You hold onto it for dear life.  I promise to help you hold onto it.

Nine year old you is so good at love.  You are almost always cuddling, holding a hand, giving hugs.  Your affection for others comes naturally.  You look for friends at school who are nervous or unhappy and make it your goal to cheer them up.  You find so much satisfaction in caring for and encouraging others.  I am excited to watch your natural gift of loving people well grow as you grow.  I can’t wait to see the difference God uses you to make in others’ lives because your unconditional, unbiased, generous love reflects His love so well.

Jordy, I can’t begin to explain to you the gift that you have been to this family.  Your life is a constant reminder that the story God writes for our lives is so much better than anything we could ever have chosen for ourselves.  You make us brighter just by being yourself.  Daddy and I are better for having had you as our daughter.  We love you so much, sweet girl.  Happy Birthday.

6-29-19 (31)

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