The Journey

A blog post about our experience with a mom who has utilized Safe Families for Children.

The Journey

I was born in the plains. My walk forward is one step in front of the other. It is seldom surprising. I am grateful for this walk. I try to remember when storms comes through or when the ground gets a little rocky that I am blessed…that if I keep moving forward it will improve. And that when things get scary I have my tribe. People to help me up when I slip in the mud. It’s not always sunny-but it’s a beautiful journey.

But not for her.

She was born in the valley, surrounded by mountains. Where she lives it storms daily. So her walk is muddy, uphill, exhausting. She knows nothing of a flat land that can be navigated mindlessly. She knows heavy-breathing and two steps forward only to lose her footing and slip right back. And if she slips-she has become accustomed to this one thing…she has to get back up all by herself. No one will travel next to her long enough to be called reliable.

And I don’t know why.

I don’t know why I was born to walk this path when she gets rocky terrain and darkness all around. When she tells me about her journey I want to scream that it isn’t fair.

But I don’t. Because she already knows. And she is screaming it inside already.

So instead-I tell her she can do it. That the uphill climb has made her calf muscles so strong…that her experiences have made her so wise. She has endurance. She is a survivor. But every part of me just wishes I could bring her over to the plains. Because if she ever made it here, I know she could teach the rest of us flat-land walkers so much.

Yet I have to believe that these paths were chosen for a purpose. That her walk is not in vain and neither is mine. So, from my path, I shout to hers.

“Don’t give up! You can do this!”

Sometimes she hears me. Sometimes she doesn’t. But I shout anyway. It’s all I can do. I want her to make it. And if she does…the view from the top of that mountain will be beautiful.

Please pray with me that she makes it. And if you, like me, were born in the plains…will you find someone…anyone…who is climbing uphill from a muddy valley and join me in the shouting?

Until the next blog…be blessed!


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