Happy National Adoption Month!

November is an exciting month. Our sweet boy turns 4, I have a birthday, and of course we have Thanksgiving which will be extra special this year having family fly in to visit. But another reason this month is special to us is that it’s the month that Layla’s adoption became final 4 years ago, as well as National Adoption Month. We spend much of this month remembering the miracle that was Layla’s adoption and how faithful God is. Having previously adopted and hoping to adopt again in the future, we are  huge advocates of National Adoption Month.

God doesn’t call everyone to adopt. But God does call everyone to care for orphans. (James 1:27) This month, please consider where you might fit regarding adoption. If it’s not fostering or adopting a child, then consider supporting someone who is adopting or sponsoring an orphan or dedicating a certain amount of time each day just to pray for children waiting for forever families.

I hear many people say “Oh, I would love to adopt BUT…(insert reason here)” and most of the time their reason is just a common misconception. So, in honor of National Adoption Month I’m going to dispel some of those myths.

1. “I would love to adopt but…there aren’t that many orphans in the US.”

Each year, over 20,000 children age out of the foster care system without being adopted. Right now, there are over 104,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted ranging in age from less than a year old to 21.

2. “I would love to adopt but…it’s too expensive!”

 Most adoptions from U.S. foster care are free and any minimal costs associated with them are often reimbursable. While private adoption is expensive, there are many grants, as well as no interest/low interest loans that can be paid back when you receive your adoption tax credit.

3. “I would love to adopt but…I rent my house/apartment/townhouse.”

You don’t need to own your own home, be wealthy, have children already, or be a stay-at-home parent to adopt from foster care. You can adopt or foster, even in an apartment. Each child needs a bed of their own, not a room of their own. In addition, children of the opposite sex may share a room if they are under an age specified by the State (usually around 6 years old).

4. “I would love to adopt but…I’m not married.”

In most instances, a person’s marital status, income or age does not disqualify them from being eligible to adopt. If you are single, you can still adopt or foster.

5. “I would love to adopt but…I’d be scared the birth parents would try to take the child back.”

Adoptions of children from U.S. foster care are legally binding agreements that do not occur until the rights of all parents have been legally terminated by a court of law.

To see a photolisting of some of the current children in the United States who are waiting for forever families, go here: http://www.adoptuskids.org/meet-the-children (If you scroll down you can even find a section to search according to state.)

Happy November, Y’all!

Until the next blog…be blessed!


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