Prayers for Layla

When Layla was adopted we knew that there was a chance that at some point in her life she could have medical challenges. We, thankfully, did not go into this blindly and felt as prepared as you possibly can be in a situation like that. Being completely honest though, because up until recently she’s been fine (aside from some small compulsion issues) we, without realizing it even, had sort of started to feel she was “in the clear.” Both Kevin and I had subconsciously stopped holding our breaths so to speak. At every appointment we had been well assured that she was ahead of the game developmentally, and that was our biggest concern, so we started to feel that all was well. Life can change in an instant. We’ve learned that from experience. But no matter how many times it happens, you are never fully prepared for the unexpected.

This year, we had noticed a couple of troublesome things and at her well visit in August, I mentioned those things to the doctor.  He did a thorough examination and agreed that something wasn’t right. We were referred to a Pediatric Nuerologist and Layla had her first appointment there last week. The Nuerologist agreed with our Pediatrician that Layla definitely has something going on nuerologically. In his opinion, it is likely what our pediatrician suspected (a mild form of cerebral palsy) or a form of spina bifida. Not fantastic things to hear come out of a doctor’s mouth, I’m not going to lie. However, we are clear on this: God has a purpose for this precious girl’s life. Just like we know there was a reason why He sent her to our family, we know there is a reason for this. He is building a testimony in our little 4-year-old’s life even now. And that is amazing. So we are simply praying “Let Your will be done. Regardless of our own feelings, have Your way. Even if Your way is different than our way…that’s okay.” And we ask that you will join us in that prayer. God is a faithful, loving God and He cares for His own and if there is one thing life experience has taught me so far it’s that He knows what He’s doing. So we’ll let Him do what He’s going to do. In our children’s lives, in our lives. He is enough, no matter the circumstance. His way is perfect.

Monday Layla will get an MRI of her brain and spine. Since she’s so young for such a long procedure that requires you to be perfectly still, she will have to go under anesthesia. Hopefully that MRI will give us a clear diagnosis and we can get the ball rolling for her. We’ve already been given the name of an occupational therapist who will work with Layla once she is diagnosed. We are anxious to get her whatever help she needs.

Think of us on Monday. Pray that the MRI goes smoothly, that Layla reacts appropriately to the anesthesia and that we are able to get a clear answer of what’s going on so that we can move forward. Pray for our nerves. Fully accepting that God is in control does not mean that our emotions always match that belief. Emotions are so fickle. May we never be ruled by them. Pray we will be calm. Pray we will remember that He will keep in perfect peace all whose minds are stayed on Him. Thank you so much, for your love and for your prayers.

Until the next blog…be blessed!


One thought on “Prayers for Layla

  1. We are/will DEFINITELY be praying for your sweet Layla. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart so we can be with you in prayer. May His presence and comfort overwhelm your family. With His love, Katie

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