Layla’s Big Girl Bed!

Layla in the past 2 or 3 weeks has tried her very best to climb all the way out of her crib. We were constantly on alert and fearful she was going to hurt herself so we knew it was time for a toddler bed! We ordered one that would match her crib since Jordyn will eventually take over the crib and they will eventually share a room. The bed arrived and we were so excited!To get her warmed up to the idea we made a big deal about what a big girl she is now and that she has her very own big girl bed! We called my mom so that she could hear her own Grandma tell her how excited she was about her sleeping in a big girl bed now! We then proceeded to throw a little “Big girls sleep in big beds” party that mostly consisted of us drawing pictures of little babies in cribs and big girls in bed. Needless to say, she was pretty pumped by the end of all the excitement!

We were so nervous about the transition and I pictured in my head many sleepless nights redirecting her back into her bed. I was certain it would not be an easy process and I could not have been more wrong! She LOVES her bed! At night when we lay her down she stays in the same spot the whole night. There was one naptime that about 5 minutes in we check on her and she was sitting on the floor playing but we just told her to get back into bed because it was naptime and she did…within 5 more minutes she was asleep. We couldn’t be more proud!

Until the next blog…be blessed!

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